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Webinar Series | Mastering IP Management: From Insight to Action

Presented by Berggren & Greip IP Solutions

Join our 3-part webinar series to master the intellectual property (IP) management model in SME and mid-sized IP portfolio environments. Led by experienced IP professionals such as Mika Lehtinen, Milla Lehtoranta, Maiju Moisander, and Mika Pinolehto, this webinar series will help you learn more about best practices in the field. In this comprehensive approach, we intelligently combine our strong substantive knowledge of IP with our extensive experience in building system solutions for IP management for numerous leading companies, to form best practices for growth companies.


Part 1: Understand and Analyze
Tuesday, March 19, 10:00 - 10:45 AM EET

  • Dive into the fundamental steps of understanding and analyzing IP components. Understanding your IP portfolio and the IP situation of the competitive field is the foundation of systematic business. It is an ongoing process.

Part 2: Plan and Implement
Tuesday, April 9, 10:00 - 10:45 AM EET

  • Explore the strategic planning and seamless implementation of an effective IP management model. Create an IP plan that supports growth and model necessary actions into Greip® 10 IP management solution to achieve planned strategic goals. Learn how scalable IP management software plays a vital role in executing and monitoring phases on the IP journey best fitting each company’s needs.

Part 3: Execute and Resource
Wednesday, April 24, 10:00 - 10:45 AM EET

  • Learn how to execute your plan and efficiently allocate resources in the final stages of building a robust IP management framework. Find out how to engage stakeholders into creating value from IP assets instead of seeing IPR only as a cost. Pick up ideas on what additional value Greip® 10 IP management software brings to combining intellectual assets to modern successful business management.

Improve your IP management skills and gain actionable insights. Register now for this comprehensive series by leaving your contact information! A recording will be available for those unable to attend the live sessions.

This webinar series will be held in English.



  • Mika Lehtinen: 25+ years of extensive experience in expertly managing and utilizing patent portfolios, skillfully developing IPR strategies for global companies and effectively managing and mitigating IPR risks.
  • Milla Lehtoranta: 15+ years of extensive experience in brand and design protection, managing large trademark and design right portfolios, developing, and implementing IP strategies, handling IP disputes, and crafting agreements related to all aspects of intellectual property.
  • Maiju Moisander: 15+ years of experience developing solutions, processes and capabilities for strategic IP management from start-ups to international corporations, including complex internal and client projects, with knowledge of both IP portfolio management and software solutions.
  • Mika Pinolehto: 25+ years of experience in international patent portfolio management, patent licensing, and patent strategy implementation and formulation, including 15+ years of corporate experience.

Berggren + Greip IP Solutions

As an internationally recognized IP expert, Berggren offers a full range of services for managing and monetizing patents, trademarks, designs, and domain names, as well as significant business law expertise. Berggren combines its breadth of services and depth of knowledge to create tailored, effective solutions to unique IP challenges.

Greip IP Solutions Oy is an innovative company that offers a software solution named Greip®10 for IP management. This solution is designed to help businesses efficiently manage their intellectual property rights from a business-oriented perspective throughout their entire lifecycle. Greip's team of experts combines deep knowledge of IP rights, software development, and service design to provide customers with scalable and effective digital tools tailored to their needs.