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For more than 85 years Berggren has helped businesses achieve success by assisting them with their intellectual property rights globally through a selected international network of highly skilled professionals. To facilitate this process, Berggren has established several country-specific desks, which now includes a US Desk that is led by Robert Alderson, a United States and European patent attorney who serves as a bridge between the two jurisdictions.

The US Desk assists US entities with their European intellectual property matters, data protection, including GDPR issues, and commercial agreements, by matching the legal need with a Berggren professional having expertise in the relevant legal area.

Berggren´s US Desk also assists Finnish and other European entities that have legal needs in the United States ranging from establishing a business to coordinating defenses to allegations of infringement of a US IP right.

Robert and his colleagues regularly attend major IP and business conferences in the United States and elsewhere including, LES, AIPLA, AUTM and INTA, among others. In addition, they are frequent speakers and authors of publications addressing many aspects of intellectual property law including comparative law. A representative list of Robert´s recent articles and presentations is provided below.

Robert Alderson

International Client Relations, US and European Patent Attorney

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